Savor Food & Body Events

If you've ever felt "not good enough" about your body...

Every Fall and Spring we gather to explore authentic beauty, body liberation, & food freedom through a combination of professionally-led workshops, discussions, cooking classes, & outdoor movement. Guests receive...

  • Accommodations for 2-3 nights in a peaceful setting, typically with mountain views

  • Breakfast & Dinner daily using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible

  • 2-3 professionally led workshops going in-depth on topics such as 

    • Reclaiming your health and Health At Every Size®

    • Intuitive Eating and Self Care

    • Body Liberation through Movement

  • 2 hands on culinary classes taught by a professional culinary instructor 

  • 2-3 professionally led movement opportunities including hiking nearby trails, cycling, dance, and yoga (no experience necessary!)

If you've ever tried "fixing" your body with various diets or exercise plans...

Learn to tune out all the external noise of food rules and body shame from our diet-centered culture. Based on The Be Body Positive Model™ these 2 hour workshops will give you the tools you need to define and reclaim your authentic beauty. Through discussions and activities, you'll learn how to...

  • Reclaim your health

  • Practice intuitive self care & nourishment

  • Cultivate self-acceptance

  • Define & reclaim your authentic beauty

  • Build a community to support your on-going practice of body liberation & food peace

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