• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Do something that scares you

I had a friend in high school tell me as I was going off to college, "doing something that scares you everyday...don't worry even if you're scared you'll be alright." These simple adolescent words of advice have always stuck with me as I've tried new things...a new place to live, a new job, new relationships, a challenging mountain adventure, learning to ride a mountain bike, even accepting my body as it is right now in this moment. The second part of his comment was in the context of being mindful and trusting your intuition about what's happening to you in that scary moment. By being mindful we become aware of the situation externally and internally so that we can keep ourselves safe from any real danger.

Recently, I thought of my old friend as I pushed myself to learn how to ride a mountain bike through a slippery mountain stream, dodging rocks, trying not to lose my balance. I thought of him as I kicked steps into a steep snow covered hill, daring not to turn around and see how far below the valley floor was. When we push ourselves to overcome the fear of doing these or similar activities, we are able to live our lives more fully and have experiences that excite us in the end.

From a psychological and emotional standpoint, the fear caused by adventurous experiences is not unlike the fear of gaining weight if we're not on a diet or some type of restrictive/controlled eating. It's also similar to the fear of not being accepted, loved, or treated with respect if we go against cultural norms by advocating for what we need to take care of and nourish ourselves. These fears supported by our current cultural ideal of beauty are every bit as relevant as the fear of sliding down the snow covered hill, feeling completely out of control. When we face these fears and question those cultural "norms," we end up living more fully, without restriction, just as we are. We learn to celebrate the fact that our bodies allow us to have many amazing experiences everyday regardless of size, shape, age, color, or sex. To find out more about how Alpine Nutrition can help you trust your intuition and face your weight gain fears, visit www.alpinenutritionservices.com/work-with-me

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