• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of ~U2

While working with a client last week, U2's song "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out

Of" came to mind as she described feelings of shame and guilt after having "over eaten" during a particularly stressful week. It's common when we start down this path of intuitive eating on our way toward making peace with food and our bodies to feel like we've done something wrong by over eating - like we failed at the "program." These thoughts come sneaking out from the diet mentality we're working so hard to overcome.

Here's the kicker though, if we let those feelings of shame, guilt, and failure take hold and over power our ability to give ourselves a heavy dose of self-compassion, the diet mentality wins, diet culture wins, the billion dollar diet industry wins. And where does that leave us as individuals? Stuck. Frustrated. Ready to give up. Looking for the next diet that "will get us back on track."

Instead, consider acknowledging those feelings of shame, guilt, and failure for what they really are - feelings. Be curious about what they're really asking you to pay attention to. What was really going on that contributed to you "overeating"? Had you limited your food intake or pleasure around food earlier in the day, week, several weeks? Where you distracted by other feelings including stress, anxiety, loneliness? When we're able to parse out what's really going on in the bigger context of our everyday lives, it's not uncommon to realize it's not really about the food in the end.

As the client and I delved deep into this discussion with regard to her experience. I recommended that she have a listen to U2's song - it's encouraging melody and insightful words. I have even found myself humming the first few phrases during times of bodily angst...or coming down a challenging scree field while hiking. Here are the phrases I have found most helpful...

"I'm not afraid of anything in the world

There's nothing you can throw at me

That I haven't already heard

I'm just trying to find a decent melody

A song that I can sing in my own company..."

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