Are You Getting Enough Sweetness?

Hello Valentine!

With Valentine's Day being the first holiday since New Year's diet resolutions banished sweet treats to the depths of diet culture, I thought this would be a great time for the gentle reminder that we all need sweetness in life - it's what makes life worth living, really.

Many of us ladies get caught up in the diet culture talk that sugar is "evil" or "addictive." We refer to sweet treats as "sinful," "guilty pleasures," and "seductive." Given these descriptors it's no wonder we feel guilt and shame after eating them.

Denying ourselves sweetness is to deny ourselves a full life. As one of my favorite authors Dr. Anita Johnson suggests, our interest in sweet foods reflects our desire for sweetness in life - especially with relationships. For example...a recent client of mine who was going through a rough patch in her marriage made the comment, "I really need some sweetness," and she wasn't talking about brownies, cookies, or chocolate!

It's an important part of self care to advocate for our need for sweetness. So tell the diet police to take a long walk off a short pier when "they" make comments about why you shouldn't eat sweets. Because in reality, when we listen to them, what we end up telling ourselves is "we don't deserve the treats, we'll get fat eating them, and no one will love us or give us sweetness (the physical kind) if we're fat."

My Valentine's gift to you is permission (because I know many of you still need to hear that word) to embrace your desire for sweetness in life. To taste the sweet richness that food can add to your life. I invite you to also consider what other areas of your life might be lacking in sweetness and how to change that. To help with all of this, Dr. Anita Johnson is offering for a limited time FREE quick videos describing her definition of "Soul Hunger." It's thought provoking, well done, and worth your time - with your favorite beverage and sweet treat in hand.

Take Care of You!

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