• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Prescription For Mother Nature

The research is in - it's official! Spending time outside is a game changer for mental, emotional, and physical health!

Research shows that a 20 minute walk with Mother Nature boost overall well-being significantly better than a stroll in a busy urban area.

Can you relate?

The chaotic world of diet culture, constantly over stimulates us with marketing for the "right way" to eat, exercise, and look while we're doing both of those things. This diet noise produces crazy amounts of anxiety for many of my clients (regardless of body size) - causing many to try and control the chaos by creating a never ending list of food and exercise rules.

Exhausting! (Que the recess bell!)

By taking a walk in a park (large enough to be away from busy streets), a wooded trail, gardening, or climbing to an alpine view - the portion of our brains where stress and anxiety can occur, naturally begins to feel a sense of calm and reduces our tendency for negative thoughts (hello inner critic and food police).

Movement outdoors, whatever activity sounds good to you (and your abilities), also has a direct correlation to greater feelings of positivity and fewer feelings of tension, frustration, and depression. Just what you need, yes?

Take a walk on the wild side...

...with these resources. If you're in Washington State (or fancy a vacation soon - also good to reduce stress!) checkout these sites

*Washington Trails Associate

*Recreation Northwest - Parkscriptions program

Outside of Washington State:

*All Trails

*Oregon Hikers

To get more nerve calming outdoor tips and inspirations, check out the new Alpine Divas Facebook group. It's all about intuitive movement for women of all sizes, shapes, and abilities. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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