• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Let's Hear it For The Boy!

(Que Deniece Williams and the learning to dance scene in Foot Loose)

On the heels of the #MeToo Movement, and in celebration of Father's Day, I want give a little space and recognition to the decent and supportive men in all of our feminist lives.

True - my practice is focused on helping women heal their relationship with food and embrace Health At Every Size®.

And truth be told ALOT of our messed up relationships with food come from living in a patriarchal society where women's bodies are prizes to be won and commented on.

While I don't discount (and loudly support!) ANY of the sexual harassment claims that are being made these days against men using their positions of power to get what they desire from women...

(yep, I'm one of the #metoo gals as well unfortunately)

I also don't want the acts of support and decency other men (usually in less powerful positions) show towards women to go unnoticed.

From my personal and professional experiences, I have witnessed how men can really show up in a supportive way for their wives, partners, and daughters who are struggling to overcome chronic dieting, disordered eating, and even full blown eating disorders.

The men that have the courage and commitment to love unconditionally regardless of how the bodies of the women in their lives change over time deserve so many kudos and hell yeahs. Not only for their love and support, but also for not participating in the social norms that our society has allowed throughout history.

So, to the incredibly decent, supportive, caring men in my client's lives and mine...

MANY, MANY Thanks! It is an honor to share our food and body peace journeys with you.

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