• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Get Nourished

Get off the diet roller coaster! Stop feeling crazy with food! Reclaim your life from diet culture!

Returning to your intuitive eating roots involves developing a neutral, self-compassionate way of thinking. This is NOT how diet culture and the diet mentality would have you look at food and your body. The diet and wellness industry thrives on you feeling shameful for food choices (amount or type of food) and being critical of your body. Intuitive Eating allows for more exploration with what your body needs to feel nourished. Does it need a cool lump of ice cream on a hot summer day or a juicy piece of watermelon? Are you feeling like a hearty dinner or something simpler after a satisfying afternoon snack? The beauty of reclaiming your intuition around food is that YOU get to make these decisions - independent of weight-biased diet rules. YOU GET TO BE YOU when it comes to making food choices that will truly nourish your body. To learn more about getting back to your intuitive eat roots, sign up for my FREE Get Nourished Guide

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