• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Get Your Life Back in 2019!

There are a couple of terms that are helpful to know in order to support your dare-not-to-diet 2019 New Year's resolution. The first is diet culture.

Diet culture is what, unfortunately, we all wake up to everyday. Whether it’s through social media, TV ads/shows, billboards, the news, print ads, grocery marketing materials, or wellness blogs - you are hit with weight-stigmatized messaging telling you how your body can be, thinner, healthier, sexier, younger, etc.

Diet culture language usually sounds something like this...

“5 foods you should never eat to avoid wrinkles, bloating, belly fat, etc”

Or this

“Get the perfectly toned, youthful body with our new 4 week workout challenge.”

Or this

“Eat clean easily with these top 5 quick recipes.”

Watch out for that last one come January 1st. It will be especially loud since this is the most recent incarnation of dieting - the "wellness, it's not a diet. It's a life-style change" diet. Unfortunately, as that life-style messaging gets louder, the incidences of “wellness” eating disorders, (aka orthorexia), are also on the rise.

Diet culture shows up in so many ways in our everyday lives - even when least expected. It promotes chronic dieting, food rules, and excessive exercising by convincing you that your body isn’t good enough.

And that not good enough judgy mindset - that’s diet mentality (also called the dieting mind), the next important term/concept to know before national dieting month starts in a few weeks (which you won't be participating in, yes?).

Diet mentality is created from the influence of diet culture. Any time you tell yourself not to eat something because you’ll gain weight or become unhealthy, that is your diet mentality creating food rules, restrictions, and prohibiting you from listening to your internal wisdom on how to care for yourself.

Keeping up with chronic dieting and food rules takes SO MUCH time and energy away from doing what you truly need and want to be doing with your life!

As an anti-diet registered dietitian, I’ve made it my life’s work help women (and the occasional guy) break free from chronic dieting and disordered eating by ditching diet rules and learning how to listen to their body's internal cues for hunger, satisfaction, and fullness with food from a place of self care rather than self control. This is my hope for you in 2019!

Stay tuned! I'll be posting a bit more regularly heading into the New Year - in the hopes of convincing you that 2019 is your year to make a resolution NOT to try another diet!

Cheering for you!

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