• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

It's Not You, It's Them

We've been talking about how diet culture and diet mentality keep you from fully participating in life, from creating lasting memories for years to come, and sharing your gifts with the world.

By now you’ve probably experienced first hand the power of the $60+billion dollar diet and wellness industry. I’m guessing that you and your pocketbook have likely contributed to its success. And again, you're not alone...and it's still not your fault.

Because, here’s the thing...even though the diet and wellness industry (usually not backed by reputable science) claims that your life will be SO MUCH BETTER with their help, those false promises are coming from companies whose success is based on their products/programs NOT WORKING for you AND you feeling like a failure because they didn't work.

For example, meet Jane. She despises how she looks and decides to sign up for a new 28 day challenge - complete with meal/snack tips and daily workouts. She thinks, “I can DO anything for 28 days - no problem!” She cleans out her pantry, buys the just right food, starts a daily food and workout journal, and starts following the just right social media feeds for motivation.

Jane’s ALL IN.

Week 1, no biggie - she’s excited, adjusting to the new diet rules, seeing some results with her body, feeling great in her skin.

Week 2, her grocery budget for the month is quickly running out. She’s getting anxious trying to fit in the prescribed workouts. On top of all that, by the end of the week, Jane is frick’n HUNGRY!

Week 3, Jane is SO exhausted - physically, mentally, emotionally whipped. She had to miss happy hour with the girls on Friday because the pizza place they were going didn’t serve anything that was on her clean eating plan. She’s behind at work because by each afternoon she’s lacking her typical laser focus. She’s stressed out and emotionally spent which makes being intimate with her partner a no-go and now her relationship is on the rocks.

Jane’s miserable...and thinking “what’s wrong with me!?! I thought I could do anything for 28 days!”

Any of this sounding familiar? Whole 30 backlash flashback anyone?

In the end Jane dropped out of the challenge, consoling herself with a large combo pizza and bottomless red wine. She felt like a complete failure - like she did IT wrong.

This is exactly what the diet and wellness industry is banking on (or rather making bank on!). Their success is built on your shame - how messed up is THAT!?!


Make this your new mantra. Plaster Post-It Notes with this phrase all over your home, car, work space, etc!

I’ll leave the conversation right there - for now. We'll discuss how to move past these failed diet attempts in the next post.

To sum up, I invite you to reflect on these 2 questions (especially as your thinking about how you want your 2019 to be different). Jot down some short phrase answers in a journal if that's helpful:

What have you learned from past dieting experiences in 2018 or earlier?

What would it feel like to drop out of diet culture? What are you afraid of having to give up? Is there anything you're nervous about gaining?

I’d love to hear your thoughts over on the Alpine Nutrition Facebook Page! I'm happy to provide additional support there as well in order to set you up for anti-diet success in 2019!

Cheers to you and food peace!

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