• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Thieves in Disguise

Last week we started to talk about how buying into diet culture robs you of your intuition around food and steals your ability to fully participate in life.

Not only does living with food rules and body shame limit your ability to be spontaneous with life...it also fades your memories created during times of disordered eating and chronic dieting.

Now, I still consider myself a young’n with a fairly good memory, but there are about 12 years of my life with really foggy memories...people I knew, trips I went on, life experiences I had during those year of my disordered eating habits that are so faded it’s like they never happened.

Remember that scene in Back To The Future (the original) where the people in the old photograph of Marty’s parents start disappearing from the picture because he was messing with the course of history?

Well, the memories of my disordered eating past are kind of like that. Can you relate?

Think back to the holiday parties you attended last year. Can you remember who you talked with, who you met, or the fun-loving atmosphere?

Maybe you only remember how awful it was to find something to wear, something you felt comfortable enough to be yourself in? Or, perhaps you only remember how completely stressed out you were about the food that was available, if it was part of your diet plan, or how much you were going to need to workout the next day to make up for your indulgence?

Ring any bells? Maybe you're experiencing these traumatic feelings about your body or current "way of eating" now. You’re not alone and it's not your faulty for feeling that way!

Diet culture and diet mentality have a really sneaky way of robbing you of pleasurable life experiences and the chance to create beautiful memories.

But, that's about to change - come midnight on New Year's Eve! You absolutely DESERVE to live with food freedom and body respect. You DESERVE to be more present with the experiences that matter most in life. You DESERVE to take back your life from diet culture!

Here's to reclaiming the life that diet culture stole from you in 2019 - cheers to you!

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