• Amanda Bullat MS RDN

Food Peace & Body Liberation

Happy New Year!

I'm sure you've felt this before...how rebelling against your inner food police and food rules can leave you feeling crazy around food. Am I right?

Here's what's really going on from a physiological perspective.

When you restrict food (either amount or a specific type like carbs or fat) your body goes into protection mode - meaning it will survive (barely) on the safe foods you give it, but it won’t thrive and your mental health will be compromised.

Once the restriction has gone on long enough and you just can’t stand it anymore - you say…

“Oh, it’s just a bite or two - no biggie, I won’t eat the whole thing - I have great willpower…”

Sorry to burst your willpower bubble, BUT…

You will have more than two bites, you will eat the whole thing…(maybe not right away, if you’re with someone) as soon as the house is quiet, the lights are dim, you’ll sneak that “guilty pleasure” and eat the whole thing - standing up in your kitchen, maybe over the kitchen sink, maybe in front of the refrigerator - IT WILL BE GONE...

You'll feel like a complete failure with your diet plan the next morning and the food police will be shouting shameful taunts.

But (and this is REALLY important) remember, YOU’RE NOT BROKEN. YOU’RE NOT a FAILURE!!

You didn’t fail the diet. Your body’s physiology was saving you from starvation, deprivation, and food rule prison.

The guilt and shame you experienced are because restriction creates fear around food. When you take a couple of bites from that forbidden food - jam’s off, the f**k-it mentality marches in and you’re left feeling completely out of control and crazy!

These restrict and indulge/overeat/binge (however you want to call it) cycles are like being on a swing - the harder you pump your legs, the faster and higher the swing goes forward and back. Just like the harder, you try to restrict your food the more chaotic your relationship with food will be...depriving and bingeing, swinging faster and higher each time.

How do you get off the swing? How do you stop the restrict-binge cycle? How do you stop feeling crazy around food?

Stop pumping your legs, stop restricting food! Give yourself full permission to eat any and all foods (barring an actual food allergy...hives, throat closing, etc).

Eventually, just as gravity starts to slow the swing once you stop pumping your legs, you'll start feeling more grounded in your relationship with food once you have full permission to honor your hunger and satisfaction.

As you start to make all foods morally equal, you'll allow all foods to join you at the table.

Learning to tune in to your intuition and desires around food and your body while at the same time tuning out the food rules and weight stigma instilled by diet culture is one of the most radical, rebellious acts of self-care you can perform.

It takes grit and hard work to stand up to impossible thin ideals created by a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s incredibly brave to stand up for what you need for self-care. It’s daring and bold to call out the fatphobia and weight stigma that creates the fear around food and shameful body image.

Look, we both know that diets don’t work. Guilt, shame, and self-loathing don’t work...been there done that. I know you’re ready to try something new - that’s why you’re here.

And I’m SO PROUD of you for taking these first steps toward freedom with food and body acceptance.

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Happy New Year!

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