Put Your Oxygen Mask on First


Welcome aboard the flight of your life!

Before take off we need to review a few safety features of your well-being.

In the event that life gets too busy and out of control, you may experience shortness of breath.

Be on the look out for your oxygen mask and secure it tightly around your mouth and nose before helping others.

Sound familiar? While I've never been an airline stewardess, I've definitely had my share of crazy life moments where I've felt like I'm grasping for air.

You gotta admit, our culture asks all of us to run at a pretty fast pace these days. On top of that, as women, our nurturing gene often kicks into overdrive - supporting everyone else around us as they run their fast paced lives, meanwhile we're just trying to keep up. Can you relate?

Here's a really important tip...in order to have a smooth sailing flight through life, your oxygen mask (aka self care) needs to be accessible. Your mask is unique because only you know what will help you to find calm, easy breathing during the chaos. For instance...

*Getting enough sleep

*Wearing clothes that feel comfortable

*Doing physical movement you enjoy

*Making time for a nourishing meal (eat what will make you feel grounded)

*Having a go-to-list for grab'n go meals or take-out options

*Make time for self reflection or journaling

*Identifying and seeking out comforting activities and places

*Finding things that make you laugh

*Making time to stay in contact with people who fill you with energy and support

*Spending time in nature

When you have self care habits in place, they become your oxygen mask in times of stress and discomfort. Setting boundaries around making these habits a part of your life is essential.

Life will always throw curve balls and try to derail your attempts at taking care of yourself, but hold your ground!

When you're able to set boundaries around your self care habits, you aren't being selfish. I'll say that again because it's really important that...

This. Sinks. In....

Taking Care of Yourself Isn't Selfish! By doing so, you'll feel more grounded and available to help others in need.

So, listen to your inner stewardess on your flight through life...when life distress leaves you gasping for air - put your oxygen mask on first before helping everyone else around you!

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