Remember the Morning After?

table with food and drink for a BBQ

Spring cleaning, moving out...clean'n mini blinds - that's my holiday weekend. But while I painstakingly cleaned each little slat, I thought of you.

*You who hopefully got out to enjoy the kick off to summer weekend with family or friends.

*You who agonized over what to wear for the get together's...cover up and be too hot. Go light and cool, show some skin...trying to ignore the "acceptable fashion police in your head."

*You who wanted to throw in the f**king beach/pool towel about all this dieting BS and just eat whatever the hell you want to and NOT feel judged by others or (more importantly) yourself!

*You who are tight balls of anxiety over what was served at the weekend BBQ's and how "you need to get your eating under control this week." (the morning after effect is real!!)

Yep, I thought about everyone of you.

Making peace with food and your body is a slow, tedious process - and unfortunately, life doesn't let you figure out all this body positive stuff in a vacuum either.

BUT...AND please hear me loud and clear when I say this...

You deserve to take your sweet time in learning this process of honoring your authentic beauty, and telling any naysayers to F**k off - ya got no time for the diet-y, body shaming BS!

In the end, you'll have a "clean perspective" on your relationship with food and your body. Kinda like my mini blinds 😍

To help in this process, grab this free quick 7-step guide to help kick start healing your relationship with food and your body before your judge-y self makes you miss anymore of the glorious soon-to-be-summer moments.

Click HERE to download your free copy! And click HERE to ask any questions that come up for you as you take a deep dive into the good stuff.

If you're more of a full-immersion kind of gal, sign up for the Savor Food & Body Liberation Retreat - where you'll be able to put life on pause, reclaim your authentic beauty, and savor delicious hands-on culinary classes.

Whatever tool works best for you...Keep going on your journey to freedom with food and body respect!

Life's a short timer, and it doesn't want to miss having you involved.



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