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Savor, a verb, “to taste good food and drink, and enjoy it completely.”

Savor, a noun, “a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one. A distinctive quality.”

When it comes to freedom with food and body respect, the word Savor sums it all up. For example...

Consider this play on words.

You probably understand what it means to savor food - the taste, smell, aroma, texture, etc. In fact having the privilege to take time and savor your food is a fundamental part of the intuitive eating experience (aka mindful eating).

And how does savor apply to bodies without getting all kinky?

This may feel like a leap of definition, but stick with me!

Savor can also relate to appreciation and gratitude for your body.

Learning to cultivate acceptance and respect for your body - regardless of its shape, size, weight, age, sexual orientation, or abilities, means also learning to appreciate your body. It means being able to find gratitude in what your body is capable of rather than dwelling on its shortcomings. When you practice giving your body appreciation and gratitude, you’re also, in a sense, savoring its “distinctive qualities.”

Savoring your body's unique qualities creates space for you to also savor your food by clearing out all the body shame and guilt that often triggers disordered eating behaviors - like restriction, which almost always leads to bingeing, and the cycle continues.

Do you see how the two go hand in hand?

When you’re able to savor both food (i.e. mindful eating) and body (acceptance, respect), you’re more likely to choose behaviors that promote self care and overall well-being - such as...

*Getting enough rest

*Moving your body in a way that feels pleasurable (during or after)

*Enjoying foods that nourish you without influence from fad diets or food rules

*Surrounding yourself with people and relationships that light you up rather than dim your spirit.

This play on words definition is the exact mission of the newly created Savor Food & Body Institute....

Last weekend was the first Savor Food & Body Retreat, a seasonal event through the Savor Food & Body Institute, hosted by Alpine Nutrition and a handful of other talented Health At Every Size® and culinary professionals. The retreat is an immersive, interactive experience to inspire women from all walks of life to stop dieting and start nourishing themselves through the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size®, and Body Acceptance.

In addition to the twice yearly retreats, the Savor Food & Body Institute will provide interactive workshops on...

*How to cultivate body acceptance


*How to reclaim your trust with food using principles of Intuitive Eating and applying those principles to Intuitive Cooking (includes hands on cooking, eating experience!)

If you've ever struggled with feeling like your body isn't good enough or you've tried to "fix" your body through a variety of diets, I hope you'll explore these resources.

Life is too damn short to waste your time and money chasing the unrealistic ideals created by the diet/wellness/beauty industry. Let's honor and take of yourself right here, right now!

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