How to poop well, have great sex, and stay out of diapers after 40

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Women don't have to settle for diapers!

Episode 41: What do good bowel movements, great sex, and staying out of diapers have to do with savoring food and your body? Three words. Pelvic floor health.

Your pelvic floor sits at the base of your core muscles, your internal organs, and between your hips. In a sense, it's the foundation that your entire body is built upon.

I had more than a few weeks of anatomy and physiology courses on my way to becoming a dietitian. But I never learned about the pelvic floor or even knew it was a thing until a handful of years ago.

Maybe that's because I haven't had kids. Maybe because it wasn't covered in my anatomy courses since this bundle of muscles sits below the digestive track and apparently, dietitians only need to care about the digestive track because that's where the food goes.

I've heard a lot about the importance of core strength and I've had my fair share of physical therapy as a former athlete. But it wasn't until I was visiting with my primary care provider, expressing my concern about having pain with sex as many women in midlife do, that I heard about the pelvic floor. My doc recommended that I see a pelvic floor PT to explore how the muscles of my pelvic floor were functioning.

It was another handful of months before my guest on this Savor Food and Body Podcast episode walked into my life.

Sherryl DeVries is a pelvic floor physical therapist. As a former professional dancer, and avid yoga and pilates student, Sherryl has a dynamic approach to helping women in midlife actively age with vibrancy through functional body movement.

She also believes in mentoring people to lead a physically healthy lifestyle through yoga, weight training, bodywork, or whatever movement makes you and your body sing!

After an initial Zoom date, Sherryl generously invited me to her therapy office to give me a crash course on pelvic floor PT. I was curious not only for myself but for many of my clients who struggle with constipation and sexual trauma. I wanted to understand firsthand how this type of physical therapy could help a woman in midlife have better poops, great sex, and stay out of diapers as they/we age.

In our conversation, you'll hear...

  • Sherryl's definition of active aging for women in midlife - in other words how to have good poops, great sex, and stay out of diapers.

  • How pelvic floor physical therapy helps you to connect with your body in a deeper, more mindful way.

  • The role that trauma plays in not only pelvic floor health but also in your ability to stay connected to your body.

  • Finally, Sherryl offers tips and practices that you can do to enhance your pelvic floor health by adding small, mindful movements into your everyday activities like brushing your teeth to help your pelvic floor stay strong and supportive.

Sherryl has advanced training in a diversity of therapeutic techniques including Pelvic Health courses in Pediatric Pelvic Health, Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy, Pelvic Floor Intervention Strategies for Urogenital & Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Transgender Health, Gender Affirming Care, and Trauma-Informed Awareness.

At home, Sherryl enjoys ballet dancing, mountain biking, reading, knitting, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, traveling, and spending time with her community and family.

Learn more about Sherryl's work on her website

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