Does the fear of weight gain keep you from enjoying foods you love?

A stack of croissants in a bakery tray
Redefine your health by savoring food

Episode 3...Let me ask you a personal question. What thoughts come to mind when you open the door to a bakery - the warm air, heavy with the smell of fresh-baked bread and coffee hitting your nose?

Do you think, "wow that smells amazing, I want one of everything!"

Or, "wow it smells amazing in here, but I better just get an Americano and skip the baked goods. I've already gained the COVID 15 and gotta get it off before shorts and sleeveless top season!"

Back in 2019, before our social world fell apart, a few colleagues and I created a weekend retreat for women who struggle in their relationship with food and body. Women who would order just the Americano and skip the pastries.

For these women, walking into a bakery would set off alarm bells of criticism - too many carbs, too much sugar, too many calories, too much fat, I am too much, I have too much to do, I don't deserve to relax and be comforted!

We created a retreat experience to inspire the guests to identify cultural messages that promote life-limiting thoughts in their heads. To validate the fact that their inner critic isn't their fault. To help them find pleasure with eating again, and feel empowered by moving their bodies.

We launched the retreat under the name Savor.

Kerry Kirsch, a therapist and one of the retreat facilitators, suggested the name as a play on words with its original meaning - "to taste good food or drink and enjoy it completely or a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one." (Thanks to The Oxford Languages for these definitions!)

As I watched the weekend play out and reflected on the experience for months afterward, I realized that Savor is the perfect word to describe finding peace with food and your body.

Fast forward nearly 2 years after that retreat and Savor has gone on to be not only an acronym for the work I do with clients and students every day, it's now the title of a podcast.

Hear more about how this 5-letter word has profoundly enhanced my work and will hopefully change many lives to come. Grab a journal, your favorite beverage, and tune in to Savor Food and Body on your favorite podcast platform.

Listen to learn how Savor has become more than a branding word for Alpine Nutrition LLC. It's become a tool to teach women how to ditch diets, work through the fear of weight gain, and find pleasure with food and their bodies again.

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The Resources mentioned in the show include:

The SAVOR acronym to help you ditch diets for good and navigate those sticky moments in front of the pantry or fridge wondering how the hell you got there:

S = stop

A = awareness

V = validate

O = options

R = Reflect and release

Intuitive Eating 4th edition by Evelyn Tribole MS RDN LD CEDRD-S and Elyse Resch RDN FAND, CEDRD-S

Work 1-on-1 with a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who is also a dietitian or therapist

Body Respect by Lindo (formerly Linda) Bacon RD Ph.D. and Lucy Aphamore RD

The Body is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

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