Frustrated that you're not losing weight with exercise like you used to?

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Movement can be an empowering way to connect with your body

Episode 2...If you've been grinding through gym sessions, Zoom workout classes, and feeling helpless trying to re-shape your body after a year of being cooped up by the pandemic, this podcast episode is for you!

Today on Savor Food and Body Podcast, we're talking with Julie Newbry, certified personal trainer and coach, about how to heal your relationship with movement, enhance your physical fitness, and find a greater sense of empowerment with your appearance.

We're diving into topics such as:

What inspired Julie to become a weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size®, intuitive movement trainer?

How her own body image story has affected her role as a trainer and vice versa?

Hear Julie's answer to the frequently asked question, "would you exercise if you knew it had no impact on your looks?"

Plus, get Julie's thoughts on the empowering but still objectifying slogan, "Strong is the new pretty."

By tuning in, you'll get practical tips on what you can do to separate exercise and movement from the diet culture focus of earning and burning calories.

Julie Newbry is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She holds additional certifications such as a corrective exercise specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, and a Girls Gone Strong coach. She practices from a Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and non-diet perspective.

Julie is passionate about helping her clients use exercise as a form of self-care rather than punishment. She helps clients feel empowered in their body as they move by focusing on health-promoting behavior rather than weight loss and aesthetics.

You can learn more about Julie's work from her website

and by following her on Instagram @the.intuitive.trainer (highly recommended!)

Grab your favorite beverage, a journal to jot down aha's, and tune in!

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