Here's everything you need to know about fuckit eating

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Why fuckit eating isn't a bad thing

I'm curious, when was the last time you found yourself fuckit eating?

Meaning, when was the last time you thought, "well since I already blew it with the cookies and chips at 3 pm, I might as well order in pizza and polish off the ice cream for dinner?"

The food choices don't matter.

Fuckit eating (so-called by my clients) is any time you eat beyond your food rules/guidelines and think, "I'll get back on track tomorrow - might as well enjoy it while it lasts."

When that happens and you feel like you've fallen off some wagon, consider this...

First, fuckit eating isn't your fault and it's got nothing to do with willpower (that's diet culture BS).

Second, think back. What was going on for you prior to eating the food?

What thoughts were running through your mind? What was your eating environment like?

If there were ANY thoughts related to restriction or judgment of the food - i.e. it's not healthy, I shouldn't eat so much, etc. (aka diet mentality), fuckit eating will happen, hands down.

Also, if you start feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or any other difficult feeling and you need a distraction, fuckit eating can be triggered.

If you're loving the taste of what you're eating and don't want to say you've had enough (there's real grief in saying enough BTW) fuckit eating can happen.

The point is NONE of these scenarios is your fault and all of them are part of being human.

Be kind to yourself. When it feels like you're fuckit eating, pause and get curious. Stay compassionate towards yourself. Each of these situations is a learning experience and opportunity to practice SAVOR Food and Body.

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Stay compassionately curious about your relationship with food

In Instagram @alpinenutrition - Resources Highlight = I added a mini-lesson on how to walk yourself through the SAVOR technique in your journal or a scrap piece of paper using bullet points and short phrases - (no need to go novelist, unless you want to!)

The next time you feel the urge to fuckit eat, walk yourself through the acronym:

S top = what's going on with you in the moment or moments leading up to eating

A wareness = what emotions are you experiencing? Are you acting in alignment with your values?

V alidate = whatever you're feeling or experiencing it's all valid.

O ptions = how can you take care of yourself at the moment? What coping options do you have in addition to the food?

R eflect & release = pick and option. Do it. And reflect back. Did it help? What could be different or the same next time? Then release the experience. Move on with your day.

Give it a shot. Fuckit eating doesn't stop overnight, but it won't take as much space in your head or your life the more you stay curious and compassionate with yourself.

Learn more about how to make peace with food and put an end to your fuckit eating experiences by downloading 6 Strategies to Savor Food without Guilt.