Hey Mom! Stop hating on your body and food!

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The body shame'n blame cycle stops with you, Momma

What was your Mom's relationship with food and her body like?

Did you ever see her measure out her food, hear her say X food has Y calories in it, or X food isn't healthy?

Or that she'd need to go for a long walk or spend more time at the gym tomorrow to burn off those extra calories?

Today on the Savor Food & Body Podcast, I'm talking with a fellow anti-diet dietitian and food peace advocate Gabrielle Kahn, MS RDN LD.

Gabi is the owner of Methodd Nutrition. She works with moms who struggle with the vicious diet cycle and want to create a healthy relationship with food and their body to help themselves and protect their young daughters from a lifetime of dieting.

Her inspiration for doing this work comes from her own childhood experience with developing an eating disorder as a result of growing up around disordered eating habits.

Gabi intimately saw how the influence of diet culture within a family, and especially within the mother-to-daughter relationship, affects internal worth, food choices, body image, and overall self-esteem.

Gabi is on a mission to stop the generational diet cycle by helping moms’ make peace with food and their body and protect their daughters from a life of dieting and body dissatisfaction.

In our conversation, we're diving into topics such as...

  • What Gabi learned from watching her Mom struggle with dieting and body shame.

  • How she found dieting rock-bottom and vowed to be a better example for her younger sister.

  • What common themes Gabi sees in working with her clients and their relationships with food, body, and their daughters.

  • And how her signature, concierge program, Ditch the Diet, helps moms reclaim a peaceful trusting relationship with food, movement, and their bodies.

If you're a mom, aunt, grandmother, teacher, coach, anyone who supports kiddos, this is a must-watch episode.

Grab your favorite beverage and journal to jot down a'ha thoughts and mic-dropping comments. I have a feeling you're gonna want to savor this wisdom for a while.

Now Gabi and I want to hear from you, what was the #1 thing you learned about food or your body from your Mom?

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