How to live "beyond the binge"

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Find binge freedom with these strategies!

Feeling exhausted from trying to control your eating only to end up in a feeding frenzy after you blow your diet?

Go from frustrated to confident when you learn how to live "beyond the binge!"

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to "get back on track" with healthy eating every Monday or the 1st of the month?

This Savor Food and Body Podcast episode is all about how physical, mental, and emotional restriction with food keeps you from getting off the restrict-binge cycle for good.

Marissa Kai Miluk shares her thoughts on the different types of food restriction (physical, mental, and emotional) and how they can lead to binge eating.

For example, you might never allow yourself (physical restriction) to eat chips or cookies, but when you're at a party or get together with friends, you're polishing off all the chips and cookies completely zoned out from the event happening around you.

Or, you might tell yourself it's fine to have a handful of chips or a few cookies, as long as you hit the gym or hiking trails tomorrow (mental restriction).

Finally, if downing a bag of chips or a package of your favorite cookies is your version of therapy (emotional eating or restriction), you might be missing other emotional coping tools.

Listen as Marissa also discusses her top 3 strategies for moving past restrictions to find peace with food and your body. Including, how to shift your mindset when it comes to diet culture and body image messaging and why this is fundamental to healing. How to find attunement with your hunger, satisfaction, and fullness cues. And how to redefine your health goals based on attuned self-care and body respect.

Marissa Kai Miluk is a non-diet Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Binge Eating Coach. She works with individuals who struggle with their relationship with food and body image and specializes in binge eating. Marissa helps individuals break free from restrictive eating patterns and reclaim trust in their bodies to move towards a more compassionate approach to health and well-being. When she isn't working with clients she enjoys spreading the Anti-Diet message on Instagram and through her podcast, Behind The Binge.

If you've been relying on willpower to feel "in control" around food, only to feel more powerless after scrapping the bottom of the chip or cookie bag, don't miss this episode!

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