Stop the Intuitive Eating Naysayers dead in their tracks

Cup of coffee and piece of chocolate cake
IE is about letting go of diet culture ideals

You know when you start a new hobby or project and you're excited about it? Then you tell your friends, family, or significant other and they're not as excited - maybe even concerned about your intentions?

It stings, doesn't it?

Maybe you've already experienced this many times with dieting over the years? And now that you're learning to practice Intuitive Eating, you're getting the concerned glances and eye rolls from the naysayers in your life yet again.

People often don't get how Intuitive Eating (IE) is supportive of overall well-being and health.

They're confused by how allowing full permission with all foods, even the "unhealthy" foods promote healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

They shake their head when they see someone, like you, trying to practice IE and watching their body change.

They say, "she's really let herself go. Isn't she worried about her health?"

Let's be clear. IE is not "letting yourself go." Yes, it's about letting yourself be.

And it's so much more than that.

It's letting go of unrealistic views of health and beauty.

It's letting go of always worrying about what to eat and how to look.

It's letting go of self-criticism, making space for self-compassion and curiosity.

Letting go of these tenants of diet culture allows you to be free.

Free to be your authentically beautiful self.

Free to define health on your own terms.

If those statements don't make the naysayers take a step back to consider your perspective and the growing scientific evidence supporting IE, then...

...tell them, following diet-wellness lifestyle plans is the easy way out. They're prescriptive, requiring no self-reflection. Just follow along and get results - until those results become harder to achieve.

IE on the other hand is a hell of a lot of work - interpersonal work. Creating new neural pathways, new thought patterns, new behaviors, it's anything but letting yourself go.

No matter where you are in your IE practice, you're exactly where you need to be to keep moving forward. Remember that this practice isn't linear and it's messy. But so is anything else in life that's worth doing.

Keeping going, Friend. Stay true to yourself.

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