What's so threatening about cookies?

Janelle is wearing a black shirt, standing against a wall outside in the sun
Janelle Banat MSOL, owner of Footlamp Consulting

Episode 4...Cookies aren't meant to be scary. But, when you live in a society that's obsessed with thinness equals health, power, and agency, the mere idea of letting yourself go by eating a cookie is terrifying.

This week on Savor Food & Body Podcast, join me and Janelle Banat MSOL, owner of Footlamp Consulting as we chat about how your brain can get pushed into a threat state in fear of your body changing and how knowing some neuroscience basics can normalize your experience with those body changes - especially in midlife with perimenopause and menopause.

You'll hear about how Janelle's aha moment of noticing when she was in a threat state with food lead her to make peace with food and her body. And how to use the straightforward SCARF Tool to bring awareness to perceived threats you may experience with food, your professional life, and even personal relationships.

Janelle has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial endeavors and formal health care leadership roles. She is trained and certified as an executive coach in an evidence-based neuroscience approach that allows for maximized creativity from her clients as well as desired behavior changes that are sustained. Janelle is intrinsically driven to uncover clarity for every client that finds their way to her door, and she is especially driven to reduce physician and medical student burnout.

When she is not actively running her business and supporting clients, her focus is on

helping her three daughters get ready to greet the world while they all navigate their

pre-teen and teen years. Her husband RJ is her partner in raising their little women as

well as engaging in their other entrepreneurial endeavors like Jagged Mountain Brewery

in downtown Denver, and their shared love for the Caribbean country of Dominica.

Grab your journal to jot down your own aha moments, a favorite beverage, and join the conversation below.

Learn more about Janelle's work at Footlamp Consulting

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