Why loving your body feels hard during perimenopause

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Struggling with body image in perimenopause? This will help

Episode 45: You know the days when getting dressed in the morning feels like going into battle?

When your inner critic is shouting, "REALLY?? You're going to wear THAT? You can't pull that off...maybe if you were thinner or when you were younger, but definitely not now. What will people think?"

Nina Manolson is a Body-Peace® coach who helps women end the war with food and body and finally feel at home in their body—as it is. She is known for her deeply feminist, anti-diet, body-peace approach.

Nina brings her 30 years of experience as a therapist, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Body-Trust® Guide, and Psychology of Eating training to her work helping women create a respectful and trusting relationship with their food and body.

In this episode of the Savor Food and Body Podcast, Nina kicks off this conversation by sharing how she got started working with women and body image. We move on to talk about...

  • What kinds of relationships most women have with their bodies, and what are the root causes that create these relationships?

  • What are the biggest barriers women in midlife face when it comes to wanting to change their relationship with their bodies?

  • How exploring body image and Body Peace is different if you're a woman who's in perimenopause and menopause vs a woman who's in their 20s and 30s.

  • What Body-Peace is, why you need it, and how it helps heal your relationship with food and body?

  • Finally, Nina shares a powerful first step for women in midlife to take to start healing their relationship with food and body.

Listen to the full episode here

Nina’s Body-Peace work is all in service of helping people get off the diet roller-coaster, and into a compassionate and powerful way of eating & living which creates a positive long-lasting change in and with their bodies.

Her courses, coaching, and poetry positively change the conversation that women are having with their bodies. She also writes Body-Poems as a way to encourage a shift in the way we talk to, and about our bodies.

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