Your secrete's safe with me

Young girl with surprised look and cupcake in front of her
You're hoping Intuitive Eating will help you lose weight?

There's no need to be shy about it. Let's just call it out.

Secretly hoping that you'll lose weight by practicing Intuitive Eating is normal & expected...

...Because that's the message you've heard all these years...

"start another program & you'll lose the weight."

And while you know from experience that it doesn't matter which program you choose the result is the same...lost some weight...gained more back.

You're hoping that Intuitive Eating will be THE one. The program to end all programs. To finally love the skin you're long as you can lose weight first.

If you picked up a copy of Intuitive Eating recently (audio or print version) and you jumped to the last chapter because it must have all the answers since it's called Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition. You think...

"Yes! Here's the plan!"

NOPE. Sorry to disappoint.

Gentle Nutrition is impossible to achieve unless you first learn how to be curiously compassionate with yourself, food, & your body.

You don't become proficient at curious compassion overnight & definitely not without working through all other principles of Intuitive Eating first.

Bottom line. There's nothing wrong with hoping that Intuitive Eating will help you lose weight. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't.

But you'll short-change yourself of all the life-altering learning experiences along the way if you skip to the end & look at Gentle Nutrition through diet-fogged-lenses.

So how do you become more curiously compassionate about food and your body?

Woman sitting in a hammock with a book
S.A.V.O.R Food and Body

Stop. Awareness. Validate. Options. Reflect & Release (SAVOR)

Stop, take a mindful minute the next time you reach for the pantry door. Become aware of why you're there, hand about to reach for a snack.

Ask, are you hungry? Hungry for what? Not hungry but bored, stressed, anxious, frustrated, etc.?

No matter what answers arise with your awareness, validate what you need. Then consider your options for meeting those needs at the moment the best you can considering the circumstances you're in.

Regardless of how you choose to meet your needs, reflect back on the option you chose. What did you learn? Is there anything you want to do differently next time? Then release the experience. Move on with your day or night.

Remember there's no failing with learning to become an Intuitive Eater and there's definitely no failing with S.A.V.O.R Food & Body. Only learn opportunities.

Honoring Your Health with Gentle Nutrition is all about taking steps to S.A.V.O.R food and your body - and your weight will figure itself out along the way.

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