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"I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields, only to be with you"                          ~U2


Many years in the making and many months in defining, Alpine Nutrition is finally making its social debut - branded, connected, and leading the way toward diet freedom for anyone willing and ready to head out on this rocky-smooth-up-and-down-trail. I'm so excited to share this journey with all of my clients!


For many years I practiced nutrition counseling from a place of numbers, meal plans, digital food/exercise trackers, and ultimately frustration - for myself and my clients. I always felt like something was missing, a piece of me wasn't being fulfilled and therefore wasn't serving my clients. It didn't feel authentic to practice from this place of external numerical ques dictating what is "healthy" and what "should" be eaten in order to achieve said health. I heard about the concepts of Inuitive Eating and Health At Every Size briefly, literally one class period, during grad school. But due to my own turbulent relationship with food and my body during this same time, my undernourished brain couldn't grasp what these paramount concepts were trying to teach. Fast forward 10 years and many hours of personal self reflection (usually in the mountains), professional training, and many individual client counseling sessions -  I can't image supporting my clients in any other way other than through intuitive eating and Health At Every Size principles.


So, on ward and up ward! They say timing is everything and this feels so true as I embark on this more clearly defined professional path. Considering our current political scene in the US, many of my friends and colleagues are feeling the call of activism for one cause or another. While I don't consider myself an outwardly political person, I guess in a way I'm also feeling the nudge to do this work now more than ever before. As Bono, the lead singer of U2, mentioned during their recent show in Seattle, Washington, "find your cause, take your stand...a stand toward peace." My cause along with many of my gifted colleagues (Christy Harrison, Julie Duffy Dillion, Fiona Sutherland, and so many others) is to bring diet culture to extinction. To support women as they learn to make peace with food and embrace their bodies with open arms of compassion and respect, regardless of weight, size, shape, color. 


I invite you to take a "walk" through my newly designed website courtesy of the talented Angela Prosper. There you'll find the latest ways to work with me, including info on the very exciting new HIPPA compliant telehealth program I'm partnering with in order to offer remote counseling sessions - yay for scheduling freedom and no traffic! You can also keep up with the latest intuitive eating tips of the trade and inspiring images/stories on Facebook and Instragram @alpinenutrition. Stop by, say hello, I'd love to hear about your personal food journey!



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